Just another manic Monday


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2 Responses to Just another manic Monday

  1. Hey Holly! Great initial post this week. I think you hit a lot of what most people feel about social media. It’s a necessary evil for so many because people use it incorrectly. Will your blog be about how to use social media in an engaging (and not annoying) way? I liked your personal take on social media tools and platforms. Is there a particular industry you’re targeting! I look forward to reading more of your blog!


  2. mattylazz says:

    Hi Holly, great post and images! I laughed when you referenced the hawking of products on Facebook, because that’s one of the reasons I stopped using it; well technically I still use it for competitive intelligence, but I haven’t been active on it for other than that in over a year. I was finding most of my interactions were with friends trying to sell me something or acting like people I’ve never met. The strangest thing was how people would message me on the site, but won’t pick up when I would call… My biggest FB pet peeve is friends and relatives call or email me about a party/event a week or few days before to see if I’m coming. When I tell them I wish they told me sooner, they often say, “well I sent the invite on Facebook”. That’s when I cringe a little… just use the phone for what it was originally intended for.
    Cool infographic link!


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