Whatever reputation you have is your type of currency. This lets your company be unpretentious in their connection with their patrons. This will also help you gain a higher-class exposure for your business. If you bring on social media strategy that uses this it can boost your company’s future, but it can also bring a lot of challenges and risks.

A prime example of why NOT to go social (YouTube)  was recently proven by the San Antonio company that sold “Miracle Mattress”, or rather didn’t sell them…..

Yeah, so what were they thinking…

In the soap and body products industry a poor post could kill a brand.  There are so many new brands coming on the market everyday.  Take Old Spice for instance.  They started an ad campaign in 2011 featuring a fetching young man named “Isaiah Mustafa”.  They produced this commercial, then they started conversations about it on Facebook and Twitter.  They did promos on YouTube but….

they forgot a major part of social media advertising, you must follow through.  With the 160,000 new twitter followers they could have contacted and added to sales marketing communications, instead they didn’t even bother tweeting a thank you to one.

The Old Spice debacle show both the challenges and risks experienced  with taking the brand social. Old Spice shortly after this major campaign started dropping in sales and lost the big lead they had with this path.

So should you find a your own “Isaiah Mustafa” remember always, always thank your followers, or they shall quickly dessert you.

I feel in this day and age there are a lot of small businesses that really should just post the basic on social media or get some advice.  I see a lot of our local business on Facebook and Twitter and some of the posts really alienate the locals, instead of drawing them in, especially if you are not “from here”.

I will probably just stick with the basics until I establish a stable following for my business.  Then maybe I will get more into healthful hints and advice.  But in the beginning, it will just be the products and advertising the natural ingredients.



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  1. coachdelaney says:

    There is a fine line between being creative and missing the mark when it comes to creating content. When a campaign does connect with its audience, but the company doesn’t take advantage of it by interacting with consumers, they show a lack of understanding of how to capitalize on social media. Using traditional techniques on social platforms only does half the job.


  2. I actually live in San Antonio and that commercial was completely embarrassing. There is definitely a proper way to go about using social media as a brand instead of doing what they did and completely tarnishing their brand with poor planning.


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