People are always searching for approval and acceptance.  The more you post your products on social media, the more you will become accepted and your product approved.

I really believe most people feel this way.  If I just keep yelling that MY makeup-diet-clothing-jewelry (well you get the picture) is the best, the most natural (just look how gorgeous I am with it on, oh yeah the IPhone filters help with that but really…..) And at the risk of making people angry, I am pretty sure if you have magic pills that are going to make me skinny and improve my health tenfold, then people in this country would be fighting to get it and you would be fighting off the CASH!

And don’t forget the magic water and drinks that suddenly you feel healthier and better than ever before.  There are no magic makeup products, folks, and no magic diet drinks or pills and you basically get what you pay for when it comes to the other MLM products.  This has been going on for eons.

I sell Avon, because I want to just buy it and not have to talk to an Avon Lady.  I know, weird right, but Avon is one of the two original Multi Level Marketing companies. But this is what Multi Level Marketing is based on these days, good social media presence.  If you sell MLM, as I do, then you can reach a huge number of people via social media.

This beats years ago when you had to walk and knock on doors and be face to face with people to sell your wares.   Today it is easy, convenient and just out there! So I will walk you through what I believe is a good use of social media marketing from Avon.  Avon promotes some of its products on Pinterest, as seen below:

                       TWITTER        PINTEREST       FACEBOOK     INSTAGRAM

They can reach an amazing number of people with just these few social media outlets.  And there are many more social media sites that I did not include.  Like YouTube….here is an example of how social media can bite you in the butt

To be able to sell pretty much any product you have to use social media these days, just be very sure what you post cannot be researched and found to be misleading, because I assure you, folks don’t mind calling you out on Social Media also.  And it has been the downfall of many products, companies and people.

And to set the record straight, I have nothing at all against people getting into the MLM scene.  I have nothing against your jewelry, makeup, or whatever you want to sell.  And if you can make enough money to stay home with your kids, then more power to you.  Most of the people I know that sell these products do believe in them and most of these products are pretty good products. So don’t get angry and all upset, just remember if you believe, then go for it, heck what do you care what I think???

Multi Level Marketing is certainly not a bad thing and not a dishonest way of living.  It is a great way for many who actually can’t leave home, to make some money honestly.  It does involve hard work, keeping up with postings can be very time consuming.  Remember honesty is the best policy on social media.  You can use social media to boost your products endlessly and with excellent results, or you can have an epic fail.   If you try to mislead the public it will be bad, because social media is very unkind to dishonest people.


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4 Responses to AM I SOCIAL, OR WHAT??

  1. amymilewski says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! There are so many MLM companies out there right now: Advocare, Younique, LipSense, Etc. These company and the people marketing for them are literally plastered all over my social media accounts (which I am perfectly ok with). Like you said, if you believe in it, go for it! Because of the amazing social media presence that these companies have, and the amount of time people spend on social media the phrase “Social Media made me buy it” is something I hear all the time. Guess what? I am totally guilty, but in my mind I a helping someone else growing their business and the economy. I also agree with you when you say be careful what you post through because if someone finds you in a lie, they will call you out in no time! Social media can definitely have some good points and bad points, but I guess the lesson to be learned is think before you post!


  2. Dylan Gannon says:

    Hi Holly,

    Well done on your blog post here. It’s definitely much nicer to have the opportunity to promote your brand on social media instead of having to go door-to-door. I noticed that you saw that posting as much as possible will make people and organizations feel accepted and while I think it’s important to post a fair amount, I wouldn’t say that as much as possible is in the best interest for the individual or the organization. I have seen people and brands who post too much and their sales actually begin to tank dramatically as the consumer feels as though they are being forced to see ad after ad. It’s always a fine line on what is too much and what isn’t but it is something that needs to be considered.



  3. Holly, great post. I like what you said about how social media is evolving the way that things are sold, because you don’t have to go door to door anymore; you can reach so many people just by running your social media platforms well. As far as multi-level marketing, I think that there are pros and cons as far as advertising for them on social media. Sometimes, I find all the posts and messages I get about things like Beachbody and It Works a little cumbersome and excessive. Like you said, simply posting over and over is not necessarily going to win consumers over. Distributors might want to think of a way to not be over-saturating their markets. However, a good thing about social media is that if one were to come up that was found to be a real scam, information could be spread quickly and thoroughly throughout social media so that no one falls victim to the scam.


  4. Hi Holly,

    I don’t actually wear make-up, but if I ever start I think I will go towards AVON! I think when brands try to “sell” too hard through their social media they might actually start to see the sales tank a bit. Show me why I should buy your product, but don’t push it on me am I right? It seems like AVON understands this concept of showing you why you would enjoy they’re product, rather than convincing you to buy it. They have it so they make you feel a certain way and really want to but the product, they convince themselves! Great post!


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