Searching for the best advice for my personal business just happened to be my latest blog for my class also!!  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

I try to keep my personal opinion out of my class blogs but heck sometimes my mouth (typing) overrules my mind…..and the need to write about the best practices in blogging and tweeting, the first one that comes to mind is I SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT!  But then again, here I am just pecking away on my keyboard.  So off we go!

A big BLOGGING no nos is being too long, or too short.  You should keep it around 1500 words so you don’t lose the interest, but not so short they don’t get the idea, according to a survey done by Snapagency .  Though through out his blog he states 2500 words captures attention, especially if you add infographics, images, videos, etc.  You get a higher engagement and a lower bounce rate that way which will get the message to Google that people are staying on your page longer. With this, you will get a higher rating in the search.

Always try to add images and videos when you can.  These both attract people to stay on your page longer, to share the blog and to keep interest waiting for your next blog.


You need to be creative. Use words that will grab attention, that let people know they need to read about your product or service.  You should be sure you make it fun though and people will be more likely to want to follow it.

Make sure you don’t forget to include the readers.  Ask questions, such as “Hey why are you reading my blog?” , well not really that because that would just be silly. I could just ask, “What attracts you, as a reader, to a blog, and why?”   Now that makes more sense, right?

My favorite advice from Groundswell is listed as number 8 in their book.  Develop a marketing plan so people can find the blog.  No matter what other advice you receive, this a biggie, “Develop a marketing plan so people can find the blog.”  Everything else is rather pointless if people can’t find it.

TWEETING, to me, is a bit easier.  At least on Twitter, a lot of times all you have to do is follow someone and they will follow you back.  The difficult part comes when you have to keep their attention and have them retweet or at least like your tweets.

I use Twitter daily.  We recently have disconnected all local television in lieu of an Amazon Firestick.  So, now I just awake and check my local new blurbs on Twitter.  I can check traffic, weather, and headlines in a matter of minutes and if anything catches my eye I move onto my laptop to get the whole story.  This saves me much more time in the mornings from not sitting in front of a television.

I have to agree with Mark Schaefer in Tao of Twitter, if you don’t use it, you don’t get it.  The more you are on Twitter, the more you will get it and understand what the big deal is.  At first, I wondered why these tiny statements were such a big deal, now a few months later, I get it.  I just have to get that whole hashtag thing down!!  #hashtagwhat  #practicingmakesperfecting #Gosnhu   (yeah threw that school shout out in there!)

Social media marketing is not something that can be taught—it has to be experienced and this is why schools have a hard time teaching classes about it. Students who take advantage of social media will have a leg up on those who do not. Formal education and books can show you the tools … but it is up to YOU to learn how to apply them for you and your business.  Mark Schaefer



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  1. Great post, Holly! I agree that using social media yourself is the greatest teacher. Getting the tools necessary through education is a bonus, but you have to get in there to use it right. I’m going through a social media overhaul for myself, trying to build my personal brand after years of working non-stop with 2 non-profits and neglecting my personal social media accounts. This class has brought me back to that. The only thing that kind of caught my eye is the word count aspect; most of the time I don’t read a blog if it’s over 1,000 words. I have lots to read and lots to do, and that just seems like too long a lot of the time. What do you think? Great job here!


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